Frequently asked questions

  1. Installer fails with message "Could not register service" (or similar) ?
    Please install the Visual Studio C++ redistributables for your system and try again.
  2. Ogama closes on first startup of record modul without a message, why ?
    On some systems this occurs, but always only on the very first start after installation, just restart OGAMA.
  3. When recording flash stimuli the screen video in the replay is out of sync, what has gone wrong?
    Please reduce the CPU load by disabling user video, reducing framerate of screen video or reducing stimuli size.
  4. Video export fails with the message "could not render stream" or similar when using ffdshow, what is wrong ?
    The ffdshow configuration for the video encoder is not correct. Please open the VFW-Configuration window of ffdshow (via Windows-Startmenu) and select as default encoder the "H.264".
  5. Can I use OGAMA to record gaze data recorded with a web cam ?
    Yes. But you have to modify it to be infrared ready. We implemented an interface to the ITU GazeTracker in the recording module. See the ->Help->How-To sections in the software for more information.
  6. What has gone wrong when I get no connection to my SQL server ?
    1. Be sure your SQL server service is running.
    2. Sometimes it helps just to restart the SQL service via control panel > services.
    3. Be sure to have the latest service pack for sql express installed.
    4. Try to reset the connection setting with the button shown after the connection failed.
    5. Try to establish a connection to your database file via SQL Management Studio Express, if you got this up and running, OGAMA will also succeed.
    6. If you had a SQL instance preinstalled, be sure that the SQLEXPRESS service is running as LocalSystem not NT-Authority. You may revise and change it with the SQL Server configuration manager which is installed with the SQL installation.
  7. How do I can get the source code ?
    There is a Mercury repository with a read only access for everybody who is interested in it at codeplex.
  8. Is it possible to import eyetracking data from an iViewX device ?
    Yes. Please use the import log file wizard available right after creating a blank project.
  9. The user video or the screen video (during flash slides) are not precise synchronized with the gaze and mouse data. What had gone wrong ?
    This is a known issue and occurs on systems with high CPU load on tracking, try to use a faster processor, at minimum with a dual core.
  10. Is it possible to import eyetracking data from an ASL504 device ?
    Yes. Using this makro you convert the excel format of the ASL into an OGAMA readable text file. Perform the following steps:
    1. Download a version of OGAMA 1.1 or higher and install it.
    2. Add the ASL504OgamaConverter.xla to the addin folder of your excel (put the file into the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns")
    3. Start Excel and register the addin by selecting Extras->AddIns... and select ASL504OgamaConverter from the list. (After clicking OK a new menu item called OgamaConverter is displayed in the main menu of excel.)
    4. Open your file ASL excel export file with excel
    5. Start the conversion process by clicking on the new menu entry OgamaConverter.
    6. Enter the number of trials ( Number of tables in the excel file)
    7. Wait until the conversion has finished.
    8. Save the selected sheet called "AllTogether" as tab separated txt file to harddisk.
    9. Copy the asl504.ois ogama import settings file to the Ogama program subfolder called "ImportSettings".
    10. Start OGAMA and create a new project with ScreenSize of EyetrackerMonitor X:2610 and Y: 2410 (asked in a dialog during creation).
    11. Start the import dialog in the task selection dialog. ("Import Data from Logfiles")
    12. When asked for a settings file navigate to "ImportSettings" folder and select the als504.ois file.
    13. Go on with the import process by clicking next.
    14. Specify stimuli bitmaps for the trials at step 5 of the import process (They should have a size of 2610x2410 pixel) You can leave this step, but no stimuli bitmaps will be seen, just the sampling data over the background color.
    15. Start import.
  11. Why does this software does not run under unix, linux or FreeBSD ?
    It is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2005 and coded in C#.Net. That means, that it is currently native win32 code. It also uses the Microsoft SQL Express Database interface, which also runs only under Windows. Sorry for that.
  12. How much do I have to pay for it and where can I get Ogama ?
    This software is free. You can use and modify it under the GPL License. You find the recent version for downloading in the download section.