List of changes containing modifications and bug fixes listed by version.

Version 5.1 (30.03.2021)

  • COMPATIBILITY: Remove Adobe Flash Stimuli Support. (Breaking Change: Remove all flash sections in your experiment files, if you have used it)
  • IMPROVED: Removed Tobii SDK check at program start, moved to recording section.
  • INTERNAL: Updated to Visual Studio 2019 and VC++ 14.

Version 5.0 (16.05.2015)

  • IMPROVED: Installer check for Flash ocx removed for convenience. (discussion:551056 reported by FredGauss)
  • BUGFIX: Updated error message mailaddress.
  • BUGFIX: Stimuli with height>screenheight (mostly webpages) should be analyzed complete, not only the upper screen part. So now, after scrolling down fixations in AttentionMap, Replay, etc. modules are shown. (discussion: 569585,
    by Airton_Popmind)
  • BUGFIX: SQLite conversion failed when experiments werde moved from other computers, so location of _log.ldf file was corrupt.

  • NEW: Using SQLite database instead of Microsoft SQL Database
  • BUGFIX: Raw data export in database module should export also all trial Events at correct timing location.
  • NEW: Support for Smart Eye Aurora
  • Updated: EyeTribe libraries
  • Updated: Haytham libraries
  • BUGFIX: In secondary screen setups the video overlay on the controller Screen failed to initialize.
  • BUGFIX: Combined Slides with screencapture content were not recorded properly. (#26 reported by bernuly)
  • BUGFIX: Pre slide fixation trials should not be included in shuffling (discussion:551050 reported by Nojakto)
  • BUGFIX: Add dialog if recording had empty subject name.
  • BUGFIX: Show all slides on controller module in secondary screen setups.

Version 4.5 (26.05.2014)

  • NEW: 64-Bit version.
  • NEW: Bootstrapper Installer, checks for requirements.
  • IMPROVED: Handling of multiple screens.
  • NEW: Support for The Eye Tribe tracker.
  • NEW: Support for SMI Red-M tracker.
  • NEW: Support for Haytham tracker (remote mode)
  • BUGFIX: Exception when tobii sdk was not installed
  • BUGFIX: During webbrowsing the handling of already visited webpages lead to key not found exceptions.
  • BUGFIX: Last trial was not correct written to database.
  • IMPROVED: Size of webpage preview in slide creation.
  • BUGFIX: Preview images of webpage slides were not always created.
  • BUGFIX: After website testing and recording, the new site trials were not correctly displayed and written to slideshow.
  • BUGFIX: Catch errors on cross-domain calls in webbrowser lead to wrong sized website screenshots.
  • BUGFIX: Screenshots for newly navigated webpages were not always created.
  • IMPROVED: Presentation monitor can also be set in slide design module.
  • BUGFIX: Autoscaling of scrollpages was not correct, if height>width of window.
  • BUGFIX: Scrolling and click detection on webpages failed.
  • IMPROVED: Saving slideshow automatically after having new webpages captured.
  • BUGFIX: Crossthread exception on recording of webpages, if slidesign module was open along with the recorder.
  • BUGFIX: Hang on seeking audio files to start position.
  • BUGFIX: Fixation import mixed trialid and trialsequence.
  • BUGFIX: Wrong error message on files with 0 as start time.
  • BUGFIX: Fixationimport had wrong fixation index, if generated automatically.
  • BUGFIX: Importing multiple subjects raw data imported wrong trial Durations on first trials.
  • BUGFIX: AOI import failed, cause it was still using ogama 2.x format.
  • BUGFIX: The created slideshow trial IDs during importing raw data were not the ones specified in import.
  • BUGFIX: Import: Rawdata import did not deal correct with property "Ignore lines with less columns that are in first data row."
  • BUGFIX: Import:Rawdata preview and final parsing were sligthly different.
  • BUGFIX: Import: Column headers in rawdata import were not always written correct.
AOI module
  • BUGFIX: Disable AOIs with same name

Version 4.4 (28.10.2013)

  • BUGFIX: When somehow the folder OgamaExperiments disappeard in My Documents, try to readd it.
  • NEW: Support for Gazepoint GP3 tracker.
  • IMPROVED: Usability of tracker selection dialog.
  • BUGFIX: Mirametrix: forgot to wait for connect, before checking screen size
  • IMPROVED: Mirametrix interface checks for correct screen size on initialization.
  • BUGFIX: Using mirametrix internal timestamp for timing, avoids wrong timestamps.
  • BUGFIX: Tobii recording had duplicated samples with wrong time scale (nanoseconds)
  • BUGFIX: Gazetracker didn´t saved and restored settings correctly.
Slide design
  • BUGFIX: Extended maximum values for inserted objects width and height.
  • BUGFIX: Folder import in slide design ignored files with extension in CAPITALS.

Version 4.3 (02.04.2013)

  • NEW: 64 bit support.
  • BUGFIX: Video export in replay module.
  • NEW: Added option for a pre trial fixation screen. You may for any trial select a preceding trial which is not used for analysis (but can be if specified). The same preceding trial can be used for all other trials (no need for hundreds of duplicates of fixation sharp slides anymore)
  • NEW: Option to disable slides in the slideshow. Any slide in the slideshow now can be disabled that means that it is not shown during recording (except it is a pre trial fixation screen) The data is not written to database.
  • BUGFIX: Display of IP6 addresses in SMI recording interface under Win7 removed, now showing Ogama computers IP4 adress to type in the iView settings.
  • BUGFIX: Custom shuffling is now serialized, so will not get lost on closing ogama.
  • IMPROVED: Screen capture filter with better gaze/video synchronization.
  • BUGFIX: for the "Collection was modified" error on writing data to database.
  • IMROVED: Usability improvements to startup screen and new experiment dialog. More tooltip information on experiment settings.
  • NEW: EyeTech device.
  • IMPROVED: Allow lots of clicks in browser slides.
  • BUGFIX: calculating saliency map is now allowed even with no subject data.
  • BUGFIX: Capturing gaze data with the gazetracker network client failed using the original gt2.0b version.
  • BUGFIX: Launching ogamas built in gt2.1 version during launch of network client if old 2.0b version is already started.
  • BUGFIX: Checking if data contains the pupil diameter, before parsing.
  • IMPROVED: Import now cares for pictures that are viewed multiple times (these trials get the same TrialID).

Version 4.2 (28.03.2012)

  • IMPROVED: Added better exception reporting for faster bug fixing.
  • BUGFIX: Updated SQL Server SMO libraries, because attaching of databases (starting ogama) under non-admin accounts failed. Don´t forget to delete the AppData\Microsoft\SQL Server Data\SQLEXPRESS folder before restarting.
  • NEW: Desktop recording feature. Record anything that is on your desktop, but be aware that analyzing this screen videos is not Ogamas there will be issues with it.
  • BUGFIX: Mirametrix S2 recording didn´t start under some culture settings.
  • BUGFIX: Native Thorlabs and PS3 camera support (with gazetracker) must be removed, cause the dlls caused crashes on systems were the devices were not available. Now should use the directshow device for both (hope this is OK..).
  • BUGFIX: Slide category was not correct written to database.
  • IMPROVED: Set default AOI widening in statistics module to zero, because otherwise on aligned AOIs AOI module statistic and statistic module statistic may show different values, because some fixations are counted twice.
Slide Design
  • BUGFIX: Importing folder contents in slideshow from MAC drives failed, cause of ._ prefixed hidden files.
  • BUGFIX: Deleting empty folders in slideshow design failed.
  • IMPROVED: Added dock and center fields to layout section of slide design module which where formerly only in context menu. Added some missing source descriptions.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed high memory consumption in import or creation of slideshows
    with >500 images.
  • BUGFIX: Importing stimuli from directory with increasing file numbers now
    cares for explorer sorting (1,2,3,....,10, instead of 1,10,100,2,3,4,)

Version 4.1 (28.01.2012)

  • NEW: Support to Mirametrix S2 tracker
  • NEW: Native Thorlabs camera support (with gazetracker)
  • IMPROVED: Set default AOI widening in statistics module to zero, because otherwise on aligned AOIs AOI module statistic and statistic module statistic may show different values, because some fixations are counted twice.
  • Import
    • BUGFIX: Import of data using trial / starttime / image tables failed under certain
    • BUGFIX: on switching time import scale from milliseconds to microseconds.
      Improvement in loading and saving the import settings in the same default directory.

    Version 4.0 Beta 6 (27.11.2011)

    • BUGFIX: Startup failed, if apple bonjour was not installed.
    • IMPROVED: Dependency installer.
    • Recording
      • IMRPOVED: Updated Tobii recording description.

      Version 4.0 Beta 5 (24.10.2011)

      • BUGFIX: Recording with native PS3 camera (not via directX support) failed on startup.
      • NEW: Support for Tobii SDK 3, so no need for purchased Tobii SDK anymore, just plug in your tobii device and record with ogama.
      • BUGFIX: Linebreak in regression export column.
      • BUGFIX: Error on calculating AOI Group transition counts, when there was some fixation in "nowhere".

      Version 4.0 Beta 4 (09.10.2011)

      • NEW: Two different clients for Gazegroup Gazetracker available, one with network udp connection to a running gazetracker instance and one with native ogama support.
      • IMPROVED: Handling of gazetracker log and calibration files when not having administrator rights.
      • BUGFIX: ASL settings could not be used when not having administrator rights.

      Version 4.0 Beta 3 (28.08.2011)

      • BUGFIX: creating new view from the menu, if module is already open got exceptions.
      • BUGFIX:Avoid horizontal scroll bars in pictures.
      • IMPROVED: Updated source code documentation.
      • NEW: Website recording including ability to navigate
      • NEW: Possible to turn off navigation in webpage slides.
      • NEW: Native ASL device recording support
      • IMPROVED: Updated support for ITU Gazetracker 2.1x
      • IMPROVED: Update of record module viewer during webbrowing now available, including scrolling.
      • NEW: Recorder viewer is now zoomable.
      • BUGFIX with breaking change: Trials with multiple slides were not correct
        processed, because the trial sequence counter was increased on slide basis,
        not trial basis, this is corrected, but leads to misinterpretation of
        recordings with older version of ogama, BUT ONLY for trials with multiple slides.
      • BUGFIX: Adapted AttentionMap Module for web pages.
      • NEW: Visible part of screen in replay is bounded with rectangle
      • NEW: Added option to continuously replay automatically switching to next trial.
      • BUGFIX: continuous replay mode time line display.
      • BUGFIX: displaying multiple slides of a trial correctly.
      • BUGFIX: Modifiying slideshow was not setting modified flag to experiment.
      • NEW: Added mouse mode to statistic transition calculation.
      • BUGFIX: AOI grid creation raised an exception, if grid was not set before.

      Version 4.0 Beta 2 (19.04.2011)

      • BUGFIX: After zooming, when had scrolled the picture, auto-zoom was misaligned (space above picture)
      • BUGFIX: When no mail application was associated, the sending of error log files caused an exception.
      • IMPROVED: Updated Gazetracker 2 libs.
      • BUGFIX on start of recording, when no usercam is selected.
      • BUGFIX on dispose of some browsers slides during presentation.
      • NEW: Added preliminary ASL interface. (Viriginie University Toulouse)
      • BUGFIX: Video device capabilities were not correctly parsed, now using gazetracker devices class.
      • BUGFIX: Numerous fixes regarding the user camera setup and parallel use to the gazetracker.
      • BUGFIX: Attentionmap calculation used to much memory
      • BUGFIX: Attentionmap calculation failed on webpages
      • BUGFIX: Video export was broken or flipped, or without user video.
      • BUGFIX: Jittering of replay slider during replay.
      • BUGFIX: SaliencyMap calculation was misaligned on scrolled webpages.

      Version 4.0 beta (21.02.2011)

      • NEW: Single webpage tracking including scrolling.
      • NEW: Zooming in modules.
      • NEW: Supports ITU gazetracker 2.0
      • BUGFIX: Disabled subject button after recording on mouse tracking
      • BUGFIX: Background color was not always correct displayed.
      • BUGFIX: MouseClick location conversion failed during recording .
      • BUGFIX: States wrong timestamp if importing two samples with same time
      • BUGFIX: Exporting to csv with colons in description lead to wrong column arrays.
      • BUGFIX: Issue #9: Trial start time ignored for first trial during import (in table assignment mode).
      • BUGFIX: Issue #10: Error during data import (TrialImage to TrialID assignment was wrong, if sequence and id where different).
      • IMPROVEMENT: Added tooltips on trial and image import dialog of import assistant.
      • BUGFIX: Preview failed
      • IMPROVED: Position and size of objects is updated on creation and movement.
      • BUGFIX: Slide to trial connection when slides are children of base node failed.
      • BUGFIX: Trial type visualization was sometimes wrong.
      • BUGFIX: On resize of shapes the grab handles did not move along.
      • BUGFIX: Slideshow: When having a trial with multiple slides at the end of a slideshow, the slides were not displayed, and ogama crashed.
      • BUGFIX: Attentionmap calculation of clicks missed clicks at end of trial
      • BUGFIX: Some systems had wrong mouse locations on trial events when exceeding 999 pixel coordinates
      • BUGFIX: Mute of videoplayer failed, if no video was loaded.
      • IMPROVED: Fixation export with subject and trial selection
      • IMPROVED: Fixation export with multiple AOI hits (if AOI are overlaid)
      • BUGFIX: wrong WaitCursor in fixation interface when no fixations were available)

      Version 3.4 (04.09.2010)

      • Improved: Details of bug reporting.
      • BUGFIX: OgamaScreenCapture was out of sync.
      • BUGFIX: Recording of Flash content failed.
      • NEW: Support for high definition modes of PS-3 eye camera resolution
      • BUGFIX: Flash videos do not start in foregoing slide
      • BUGFIX: AttentionMap Mode with timeline support had wrong time base.
      • IMPROVED: AttentionMap Mode speed up.
      • BUGFIX: Wrong pen attachements

      Version 3.3 (14.06.2010)

      • Updated: Replaced VHScrCap filter with OgamaScreenCapture filter.
      • BUGFIX: Fixed crash on import of multiple subjects(#3 by DudeNIX)
      • NEW: Overlay of user videos on gaze and mouse video possible.
      • BUGFIX: Timeline slider was not properly updated

      Version 3.2 (30.04.2010)

      • BUGFIX: Fixed crash on File->Exit when SlideDesign module was open.
      • BUGFIX: Fixed x64 issues of flash object (#1 by DudeNIX).
      Replay module
      • BUGFIX: Cannot export replay data to AVI file (#2 by Boreg).
      Recording module
      • IMPROVED: Updated ITU gazetracker libraries (Preview of GT 2).
      • BUGFIX: issues of "Could not unlock ScreenCapture" on startup of recording module.
      Statistics module
      • NEW: Saccadestatistics for AOI or AOI groups.
      Scanpath module
      • IMPROVED: Usability of color selection dialog.

      Version 3.1 (12.03.2010)

      Recording module
      • IMPROVED: Faster initialization of webcam.
      • BUGFIX: When system had no usercam, webcam used VHScrCap, sometimes even without video compressor.
      • BUGFIX: Alea recording (Martin)

      SlideDesign module

      • BUGFIX: Crash on selection of elements partially out of slide screen.

      Statistic module

      • NEW: Preliminary version of regression calculation in textual stimuli AOIs.

      Version 3.0.3 (03.03.2010)

      Recording module
      • IMPROVED: Faster initialization of recording.
      • IMPROVED: Check for unsaved changes in slideshow on start of recording.
      • IMPROVED: Corrupted Log files of the SQL database were automatically recreated.
      • BUGFIX: SQL connection failed after creating new experiment.

      Version 3.0.2 (01.03.2010)

      Scanpath module
      • BUGFIX: Similarity measurements were wrong, when using a grid with more the 25 rectangles or more than 25 AOIs.
      Recording module
      • BUGFIX: Better error handling for failed webcam initialization.
      • NEW: Now able to set the SQL Server instance name to other value than SQLEXPRESS.
      • NEW: Testing of valid SQL connection on new experiment.

      Version 3.0.1 (26.02.2010)

      • BUGFIX: Some SQL Express installations were not able to attach OGAMAs database.

      Version 3.0 (25.02.2010)

      Recording Module
      • NEW: Support for ITU GazeTracker.
      • NEW: Support for special ITU Gazetracker version using modified PlayStationEye3 camera.
      • NEW: Alea module: Module use activeX control instead of IntelliGaze status window (IntelliGaze 1.2 is required)
      • NEW: Alea module: Add tracking status window for presentation monitor
      • NEW: Overall recording time for current recording is shown in the module.
      • IMPROVED: Uservideo preview was not shown if recording of user video was not choosen.
      • BUGFIX: Alea Tracker not showing calibration results. (Martin)
      • BUGFIX: After changing presentation monitor, the calibration appeared at the wrong monitor.
      • BUGFIX: Hang during click on record button after starting presentation.


      • NEW: Absolute positioning and resizing of elements. (Specify location and size in pixel)
      • NEW: Line spacing available for textual stimuli.
      • NEW: Padding for textual stimuli.
      • NEW: Added Icons for different slide types to treeview.
      • NEW: Added "add folder" button.
      • IMPROVED: Trying to move image when "Center" layout mode is set failed.
      • BUGFIX: Drag and copy of slide trees messed up the slideshow, because they all got the same ID.

      Replay module

      • IMPROVED: Pause button removed, because it has no additional functionality. (Stop, Play are doing the same)


      • NEW: Moved to SQL Express 2008 SP1.

      Version 2.7.1 (14.01.2010)

      Recording Module
      • BUGFIX: When user cam recording was disabled, recording crashed.

      Version 2.7. (17.12.2009)

      Areas of Interest module
      • BUGFIX: AOI get lost when created on a system with other culture.
      • BUGFIX: AOI were not updated if table had focus on close.
      • BUGFIX: First AOI insert had sometimes wrong id, exception.
      • BUGFIX: If no subject was checked statistics were not correct.
      • IMPROVED: AOI group selection in table on single click.
      • NEW: SearchRect AOIS are excluded from Statistics.
      • NEW: The relative transition values <1% are now shown with one digit precision.

      Database module

      • BUGFIX: Export and import of OGAMA data adapted to new V2.7 database layout.
      • IMPROVED: Allowed SubjectName, TrialName, Category length extended from 50 to 255 characters.
      Fixations module
      • BUGFIX: Change of fixation ring size was not commited to experiment settings.
      • BUGFIX: Drift Correction failed if rows had NULL entries.
      • BUGFIX: When StartTime were not correct synchronized with raw data, start times of fixations were incorrect.
      • IMPROVED: Draw AOI on picture even if there is no fixation visible.
      • IMPROVED: Pressing ESC immediately cancels calculation.


      • BUGFIX: Import of recordings with only one trial failed.
      • BUGFIX: Import with very long starting times failed to import correct timings (times all = 0) (Reported by Gordon)
      • BUGFIX: Moved import settings default file location to Application.UserAppDataPath for Vista and Win7 compatibility.
      • BUGFIX: Using iViewXMessageLines for trial and stimulus import failed sometimes.
      • BUGFIX: When Using settingsfile with microseconds, the dialog was not correctly set to microseconds.
      • NEW: Check for identical times of consecutive samples.
      • IMPROVED: Default column assignments.


      • BUGFIX: Dialogs top panel had activated line without any usability reason.
      • BUGFIX: Error messages with empty lines raised exceptions.
      • BUGFIX: Moved error.log and exception.log and version.txt location to Vista and Windows 7 friendly Application.UserAppDataPath.
      • BUGFIX: When doubleclicking checkbox treeviews selection was not correct.
      • NEW: Check correct subfolder layout on each startup.
      • NEW: Choosing not recorded slides from the context menu for the current subject raises a message.
      • IMPROVED: MemoryConsumption, Each Picture and Form has been added a custom dispose method, so that on closing all the private resources are disposed.
      • NEW: Removed absolute file path reference from experiment file and slideshow, is set during startup of project including renames, avoiding the warning dialogs on startup of the same experiment in a different folder.
      • NEW: Subjects are now sorted by name in treeviews.
      • NEW: Addded trial ID showing in trial lists.
      • NEW: Added warning on opening new documents with old version.
      • IMPROVED: Changed sequence of module icons.
      • IMPROVED: Experiment does not close, when last view is closed.
      • IMPROVED: Major redesign of the flash recording and analyzing, now OGAMA records screen movies for dynamic stimuli.
      • IMPROVED: Updated source help file.

      Record module

      • BUGFIX: Always check for correct installation of the screen capture direct show filter.
      • BUGFIX: Webcam had compressor on preview pin.
      • IMPROVED: Automatic subject counter increase on subject options dialog.
      • NEW: DMO DirectShow filter for gaze and mouse cursor overlay in preview for flash stimuli.
      • IMPROVED: Encapsulation of new tracking devices simplified with base Tracker implementation of ITracker, moved all device specific settings to new tracker classes.
      • IMPROVED: Major redesign of the presentation timing for extended precision of trials using background preparation for next shown slide. Multi threading design.
      • NEW: Repopulate subject treeviews of open modules after new recording has finished.
      • IMPROVED: The tobii recorder now uses tetcomp.dll from TobiiStudio instead of tetcomp2.dll of SDK (because it is buggy).
      • NEW: TimeStamp precision for high frequency capturing in mouse only recorder.
      • NEW: Added preliminary version for SMI iViewX tracking support.
      • NEW: Enabled end of recording via second click to record button, added red and green background highlighting on connect and record.
      • BUGFIX: Alea calibration also works on slow machines now.

      Replay module

      • NEW: Preview of video export.
      • BUGFIX: Current replay speed was not set to video and audio replay on selecting new trial.
      • BUGFIX: Different direct show filter graphs enabled (different compressors)
      • BUGFIX: Mouseclickvisualization was disabled.
      • BUGFIX: Replay of h264 movies failed.
      • BUGFIX: Replay slider was not updated on heavy CPU load.

      Saliency module

      • BUGFIX: ezvision.exe was not always copied to local application data.

      SlideDesign module

      • BUGFIX: Horizontal or vertical lines could not be clicked anymore.
      • IMPROVED: Removed special keys ESC and F12 from key response drop down lists.
      • IMPROVED: Positioning of flash controls in their bounds.


      • BUGFIX: Calculation failed when clicking checkboxes during calculation. (Martin)
      • BUGFIX: Gaze fixation duration median was not calculated. (Martin)
      • IMPROVED: Added subject categories to subject treeviews.

      Version 2.5. (29.08.2009)

      • BUGFIX: Import with very long starting times failed to import correct timings (times all = 0) (Reported by Gordon)
      • IMPROVED: default column assignments.

      Version 2.4 (21.08.2009)

      - NEW: Added fixation calculation options (e.g. merge consecutive fixations under special conditions)
      - IMPROVED: Added sorting to subject, trial, shapegroup, etc. tables.
      - IMPROVED: Windows VISTA restricted user support (need to be administrator only during installation)
      - IMPROVED: Added slide not found and image not found slides.
      - IMPROVED: Removed Stimuli folder from new experiments (not used anymore instead used folder: SlideResources)
      - IMPROVED: Some menu item images were added (cut, copy, paste, new, etc.)
      - IMPROVED: ColorSelectControl with tooltips.
      - IMPROVED: TimeLineEvents on mouse up not mouse down.
      - IMPROVED: Added Params Table for Custom Subject Params.
      - IMPROVED: Added sorting to trial combo box, introducing 3 digits for TrialSequence.
      - BUGFIX: Rename Polygon > Polyline during upgrade of older versions.
      - BUGFIX: Closing exception with empty document.
      - BUGFIX: FontStyle was not correctly set during initialization.

      SlideDesign Module
      - NEW: Added possibility to let the mouse cursor at its position during slide change.
      - NEW: Check for correct Presentation screen size during preview.
      - IMPROVED: Completely reworked Instruction dialog. (Simplified properties, background color automatically switched for better readability)
      - IMPROVED: Preview rendering of images with big edges.
      - IMPROVED: Realtime update of changed properties.
      - IMPROVED: After start base treenode is visible.
      - BUGFIX: During conversion of old projects: All Elements were treated as targets.

      Record Module
      - NEW: Added F12 key for marker insertion during recording
      - NEW: Added "no device selected" tab.
      - NEW: Added ffdshow filter for MPEG compression to installer and record by default.
      - NEW: Added screen capture compressor video options.
      - NEW: Added ScreenCapture Properties for Hmelyoff VHScreenCapture Device.
      - IMPROVED: Default presentation screen is secondary screen if available.
      - IMPROVED: Duplicated PresentationScreen choose in record module.
      - IMPROVED: At first start and on demand a tracking device selection dialog is shown, which is to select the available gaze and mouse tracking devices. Trackers for which prerequisites are not installed were grayed out with status information.
      - IMPROVED: Presentation screen size check before start.
      - IMPROVED: Moved to Tobii SDK 2.4.3.
      - IMPROVED: Moved Tracker activation to Record Module, updated ActivationHelpDialogs.
      - IMPROVED: New layout of toolbar buttons.
      - IMPROVED: Remote control live viewer flash player including mouse moves during clicked button.
      - IMPROVED: Updated ScreenCapture Dialog.
      - BUGFIX: Validity codes where sometimes not set correct for invalid data. (Sometimes "null" in case of 0,0)
      - BUGFIX: Presentation size on single monitor layouts was not full screen.

      AttentionMap Module
      - NEW: Added AttentionMaps for mouse clicks.
      - NEW: Added weighted/unweighted button for calculation, which introduces use or not use of duration weighted fixation display.

      - BUGFIX: Deleting of subjects now with question and deletes videos, trials and fixations.
      - BUGFIX: Upgrade issue: during import of AOI, polylines failed under some circumstances (V1.X>2.0)
      - BUGFIX: Upgrade issue: Text font color was not converted and lost during upgrade from V1.X>2.1.

      - NEW: Added automatic fixation calculation after import.
      - BUGFIX: Import with custom start times that did´t begun with zero failed or lead to wrong trial times.
      - BUGFIX: Trial definition with custom trial times did not fill sequence drop down.
      - BUGFIX: Using settings file was not working in assigncolumns dialog and with custom trial times.

      Replay Module
      - NEW: Replace flash action tracking with recording screen movies in slides containing flash stimuli. So we basically record a screen movie during record and replay the video with overlayed gaze in the replay.
      - NEW: added EventFilter for TimeLine on right click.
      - NEW: Added marker support with seeking and adding buttons.
      - NEW: Added screencapture video playback support.
      - IMPROVED: optimized caret moving (differential)
      - IMPROVED: Readded mouse click drawing.
      - IMPROVED: Speedup drawing.
      - BUGFIX: Cursor positions of gaze and mouse were not reset when rewinding, sometimes (after Blinks) they did not even update correctly.
      - BUGFIX: DiameterDivisior was not stored, so replay did not used adapted settings.
      - BUGFIX: Some movements using time line events failed due to rounding errors.
      - BUGFIX: Stop flash movie on stop.

      Statistic Module
      - NEW: Added Custom Subject Param Output.
      - NEW: Added fixation duration median to calculation options
      - NEW: Added saccade parameters "Average saccade velocity" and "Average saccade distance".
      - IMPROVED: Precision of hit calculation.
      - IMPROVED: Tooltips.
      - BUGFIX: Tolerance for AOI detection calculation was not always used.

      Saliency Module
      - BUGFIX: Moved calculation temp files to LocalApplicationSettings, to enable default user support for windows vista.

      Scanpath Module
      - NEW: Export similarity for all trials option.
      - NEW: Calculate average similarities between groups.
      - IMPROVED: Sort results by VPN Name
      - BUGFIX: Mouse styles could not be changed.

      AOI Module
      - NEW: Added copy and paste of selected shapes.
      - NEW: Added AOI grid creation button, which creates a custom sized grid of AOIs.
      - NEW: Added area size of AOI to export.
      - NEW: Added relative transition values
      - IMPROVED: Design of AOI transition arrows.
      - IMPROVED: Added subject filtering by category
      - IMPROVED: Update of picture when changing table contents.
      - IMPROVED: Shapegroup creation simplified. (Button added)
      - IMPROVED: Tooltips added.
      - IMPROVED: Updated help text.
      - BUGFIX: Added accelerator initalization
      - BUGFIX: copy and paste of data table rows did not work under all circumstances.
      - BUGFIX: AOIStatistic change eye - mouse, could not be switched.
      - BUGFIX: Arrow and bubble style changes failed.
      - BUGFIX: Dropdown button for column ShapeGroup was missing.

      Fixation Module
      - NEW: Added export customization.
      - NEW: Added saccade export option.
      - NEW: Added SlideNr to export.
      - NEW: Added optional MergeConsecutiveFixations, LimitForFirstFixation to be seen to fixation calculation.
      - IMPROVED: Added transparent overlay for circle drawing mode to show order of fixations
      - IMPROVED: Show only fixations of highlighted slide.
      - BUGFIX: Consecutive fixations at the same place due to missing data or blinks were not always correct calculcated.
      - BUGFIX: Export failed when age was not set.
      - BUGFIX: Export of fixations with empty trial names failed.
      - BUGFIX: Trial name export was not correct, when slideshow trials were renamed after recording.
      - BUGFIX: When recalculating fixations of all subjects, the whole fixation table is erased (deleting fixations of subjects that are not in the database anymore).

      Version 2.1 (06.04.2009)

      - NEW: Add support for Alea Technologies IG-30 Eyetracker. You can activate the Alea RecordingInterface in OGAMA Options. Note that you need an IG-30 System which is licensed with a professional API-Key. You can also take a look at the new AleaActivationDialog to learn how to activate the Alea Technologies Tracker. (Martin)
      - NEW: You can select the monitor in Ogama Options which is used as Presentation-Monitor in Mult-Monitor Environments. (Martin)
      - Styles: Added ARGB color definition option to color selection controls, for precise coloring
      - Updated dialogs starting positions
      - BUGFIX: FlashMissing Dialogs link was wrongly truncated (Martin)
      - BUGFIX: Offset Calculation Bug in Multi-Monitor Environment: Offset Calculation now consider the location of the secondary Monitor (You can change the position of the secondary monitor in windows display settings)(Martin)
      - IMPROVED: You can compile OGAMA without the TOBII-SDK by default. If you want to compile OGAMA with TOBII-References, just define the Preprocessor Directive TOBII. You can define global Preprocessor Directives in "OGAMA Properties" -> "Conditional compilation sysmbols" (Martin)
      - BUGFIX: Fixation calculation showed artefacts (only Replay was affected).
      - NEW: Added AOI statistic visualization (Fixation times, average fixation duration, transitions)
      - NEW: Added alignment option for AOI description (top, left, right, bottom, center)
      - IMPROVED: Ellipse selection
      - BUGFIX: AOI Transitions sometimes not consistant with data
      - BUGFIX: Response correctness was always wrong
      - IMPROVED: AOI statistic calculation speed
      - NEW: Added response and correctness column to fixation export
      - BUGFIX: Exporting crashed due to wrong column name. (Martin)
      - BUGFIX: RawDataTable was empty on start of module (Martin)

      Version 2.0.3343 (25.02.2009)

      - BUGFIX: COMException when video export filter was not registered.

      Version 2.0.3342 (24.02.2009)

      - BUGFIX: Hang or exception during start of video export when no webcam was plugged into the system.
      - BUGFIX: Hang during startup of module if a webcam driver was installed, but no camera connected.

      Version 2.0.3337 (19.02.2009)

      - BUGFIX: Exception when creating rectangular shapes.
      - BUGFIX: Initital display of trial went wrong when AOI was the first Module to display.

      Version 2.0 (09.02.2009)

      - NEW: Underlying design reworked, that allows to be slide based not any more restricted to images.
      - IMPROVED: Transparent Colors allowed for all shapes.
      - IMPROVED: Added ProcessMessage dialog to replace standard MessageBox display with customized OGAMA appearance.
      - NEW: Context menu for context panel.
      - NEW: Scanpath interface for levenshtein distance calculation.
      - BUGFIX: when entering very low tracking rate, exception occured.
      - NEW: Added automatic import and database upgrade code for Ogama 1.X Versions.
      - BUGFIX: Added check for correct database path (When copy and pasting experiments the database path was not always updated correctly)
      - IMPROVED: Enabled automated file system and folder layout check for Copy and Pasted experiments.
      - BUGFIX: Seems to hang during initialization of update dialog when starting first time.
      - IMPROVED: XP Design of ColorSelectDialog.
      - BUGFIX: Empty polylines in Slideshow.
      - NEW: Define Groups within shuffled items, that should not be shuffled (e.g. Image and MC Question).
      - IMPROVED: Slideshow Design with improved usability.
      - NEW: Progress bar during saving slideshow changes.
      - NEW: ShapeStyle control to switch name, edge and fill style.
      - NEW: ShapeDrawActions allowed for all VGElement. Border and fill and name for all stimuli.
      - NEW: Double click opens edit dialogs.
      - NEW: Custom cursor for each stimulus type.
      - IMPROVED: Slideshow checks for duplicate slide names.
      - NEW: Slideshow drag and drop with insertion mark.
      - NEW: Slideshow: Multiple Targets allowed.
      - NEW: Slideshow: Multiple CorrectResponses allowed.
      - BUGFIX: Grab handles were not centered.
      - NEW: Centered grab handle.
      - NEW: RichTextBox instructions available, with undo, redo, font, size, color for even single letters.
      - NEW: Dialogs with help for stimuli creation.
      - NEW: VectorGraphics custom cursors
      - NEW: Mouse cursor with custom drawing.
      - IMPROVED: Added custom line endings with arrows.
      - NEW: Added VGSharp class.
      - IMPROVED: Improved rendering precision of elements bounding lines and fill. (Rounding error avoided)
      - IMPROVED: AntiAliasing for element name drawing enabled.
      - NEW: User cam support. (DirectShow based, lots of changes all over the project)
      - IMPROVED: Added initalization slide for precise timing from the beginning on, Updated timing issues.
      - BUGFIX: Closing main window during presentation leads to document close before error message occurs.
      - BUGFIX: Changing between tobii and mouseonly tabs was internally ignored (no change of currentTracker) because of misnamed references. (reported: Martin)
      - IMPROVED: Usability: Now web cam button is unchecked, when no web cam is plugged in during start of module.
      - IMPROVED: Modified sigma for KernelSize
      - BUGFIX: Calculate with respect to eliminate data column.
      - IMPROVED: Better grayscale conversion.
      - BUGFIX: Fixed import problems with EliminateData column.
      - IMPROVED: Backgroundworker for export.
      - NEW: Quick Ogama format import. With complete import of all database columns.
      - IMPROVED import (of Ogama format): Complete import of subject columns (Age, etc)
      - BUGFIX with validating table entrys during trial and image selection
      - NEW: User cam support. (DirectShow based, lots of changes all over the project)
      - NEW: Added help for Screenshot in Replay Interface.
      - IMPROVED: Replaced AviFile export with DirectShow avi export.
      - IMPROVED: Redesigned Update concept, switched from PictureBox to UserControl to reduce unneeded overlay, added BeginUpdate, EndUpdate, switched to form sized background pictures for increased speed, double buffering, invalidation only for modified image parts.
      - IMPROVED: Drastically improved performance for replay and caret position sliding.
      - NEW variable: AOI of Mouse Response.
      - IMPROVED: UserInterface.
      - NEW variables: Fixation Count, Duration only on selected AOI, average Fixation duration, average Fixation duration at all, average fixation duration on AOI
      - BUGFIX: Response calculation when slideshow was aborted failed.
      - NEW: Added tooltips for custom variables.
      - IMPROVED: More display settings for fixations available.
      - NEW: Added import button for target areas of slideshow into AOI interface

      Version 1.8 (29.07.2008)

      - BUGFIX: Hide load splash after creating new document.
      - Updated Adobe installer.
      - BUGFIX:Show short names in Property grid failed when they were to short.
      - IMPROVED: Major redesign for better usability and drag and drop.
      - NEW: Allowed for joining slides, that should be tight together during shuffling.
      - BUGFIX: Updated constraints to avoid error during record updating into database.
      - Resized Success dialog.
      - BUGFIX: Deleting and reinserting subjects crashed project.
      - Selecting single subjects without group checked possible.
      - BUGFIX: Export of PupilDiaY was wrong.
      - BUGFIX: Import of ogama exports failed sometimes.

      Version 1.6 (09.05.2008)

      -NEW: Saliency interface to create bottom-up based forecasts of the scanpath and saliency maps using the iLab Neuromorphic Vision C++ Toolkit from University of Southern California, Prof. Laurent Itti
      -NEW: Update check via Menu
      -NEW: Custom database connection string available (e.g. custom SQL Server names etc)'
      -IMPROVED: Window handling when loading of experiment fails.
      -FIXED: Exported images to files in all interfaces were truncated.
      - FIXED: Pen Styles modifiable.
      - IMPROVED: Fixation start time relative to trial.
      Attention Map
      - NEW: Modifiable gaussian kernel size for the fixation kernel.
      - FIXED: Exception when calculating right after the start of ogama (not choosen any trial or subject before)
      - NEW: Automated check of SQL server connection.
      Areas of interest
      - IMPROVED: Selection of shapes - NEW: Context menu in table.
      - NEW: Save AOI to database button (not only when closing interface)
      - NEW: AOI Transition calculation
      - IMPROVED: Tobii calibration status window
      - IMPROVED: Success and error dialogs on controller screen.

      Version 1.1 (01.04.2008)

      -NEW: Stimulus Design interface to create slideshows.
      -NEW: Record interface to enable recording gaze and mouse sampling data with a connected tracking system. Please note: To use the tobii recording interface you have to install the Tobii SDK (which has to be purchased from Tobii Technology) by yourself.
      -NEW: Tobii 1750/T60/T120 gaze and mouse recording support without the need of Clearview or TobiiStudio.
      -NEW: Flash movie support.
      -NEW: Experiment storage layout. -NEW: All custom settings files in xml format.
      -NEW: Exception Handling with MS Enterprise Library.
      -NEW: Added log files: exception.log and error.log for support purposes.
      -IMPROVED: Import assistant for gaze samples, fixations and areas of interest.
      -IMPROVED: Complete redesign of source structure.
      -NEW: MS Help2 source code description available.
      -NEW: Task selection dialog during start.
      - NEW: ASL504 import tested (Excel makro for converting ASL excel export files into OGAMA readable txt file available on request) - UI: Table layout changed.
      - NEW: Table selection export to clipboard.
      - NEW: Trial- SubjectsResponse Column.
      - NEW: RawData- FlashState column.
      - IMPROVED: Time slider with time selection range.
      - NEW: Fixations diameter ratio modifyable.
      - FIXED: AVI-Export problems.
      - NEW: Persistant mouse fixation calculation and visualization.
      - IMPROVED: Fixation calculation ring size modifyable.
      - IMPROVED: Import assistant.
      - NEW: Mouse fixation visualization.
      - NEW: Display of underlying areas of interest.
      - NEW: Time slider with time selection range.
      Attention Map
      - NEW: Mouse fixation visualization.
      - NEW: Specify which fixation to visualize (first, second, ...).
      Areas of interest
      - NEW: Movement of shapes with cursor buttons.
      - NEW: AOI deletion with delete key.
      - IMPROVED: Table selection shows current AOI.
      - NEW: AOI name validation.
      - NEW: Mouse fixation parameters available.
      - IMPROVED: Brief column description in export file.
      - FIXED: Export failed during export of raw data that didn´t refer to a trial.

      Version 0.9.3 (18.08.2007)

      - FIXED: double click does not starts ogama with project from explorer but without project
      - FIXED: project seems to be opened when loading failed
      - NEW: clear recent files list button on start screen
      - NEW: translated demoproject to english
      - FIXED: Import: Custom column names are not used in assigning (Step 3)
      - FIXED: Import: Some import modes missed the first sample line
      - NEW: renamed to Replay
      - FIXED: Could not see anything when no stimuli image files are specified
      - FIXED: Fixation list does not update when trial changed
      - FIXED: Could not see anything when no stimuli image files are specified
      - NEW: Fixation-Import
      Attention Map
      - FIXED: sometimes gradient custom control redrawing is not zoomed on current window size.
      - NEW: marker handling and color optimized
      - FIXED: Help text wrong
      Areas of interest
      - FIXED: Import/Export doesn´t work as expected.
      - FIXED: Help text wrong

      Version (19.07.2007)

      - Fixation calculation didn´t work under all circumstances

      Version 0.9.2 (09.07.2007)

      - Renamed database tables for better understanding (breaking change)
      - Updated
      Source documentation
      - Updated

      Version 0.9.1 (05.07.2007)

      - This is the initial release.